Il Monticello Azienda Agricola

We operate in Sarzana, in Eastern Liguria, a land of strong tastes.
We dedicate more than 12 hectars of Vermentino, Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Pollera Nera and Massaretta vineyard to the production of white, red, rosé and straw wine, and grappa.
With our 2 hectare centuries-old olive plantation we produce a very mild, elegant and fresh olive oil.

Tradition and technology

Strangely enough, the use of technology and the respect of nature are the two key factors enabling us to produce wines with excellent quality, scent and body.

Our products

Il Monticello Azienda Agricola farms vineyards and olive trees,
produces 2 white wines, 1 rosé wine, 2 red wines, grappa, straw wine and extra-virgin olive oil.

Tastings at Il Monticello

Visit our farm and taste our best wines, grappa, straw wine and olive oil.