Passito dei Neri
(raisin wine)

Brilliant amber colour introducing the smell of dried apricots, dried figs and raisin, lime honey and chamomile. Sweet and caressing in the mouth, with a very pleasurable balance of fresh and sapid notes, long slightly bitter finish.



Year 2018
Name Passito dei Neri
Category Passito (raisin wine)
Name IGT – Liguria di Levante
Vine Vermentino 80%, Albarola and Colombana 20%
Production area Colli Di Luni
Vineyard In Groppolo, above Sarzana, in an excellent portion of the hill (South-Southwest) made up of silty sandy clay, microclimate without significant temperature changes.
Age of vines 20 – 40 years
Harvest September 20th, selected grapes.
Yield / hectare 50 q per hectare
Vinification Grapes are hung for almost two and a half months, until they reach an optimal withering. Pressed grapes, must in contact with skins for 2 hours, soft pressing, natural cold decanting, controlled fermentation at 16/18 °C, long stay on lees.
First production year 2007
Person in charge of production Enologist Nicola Tucci
Number of bottles 1600 0.375 l Bordeaux bottles
Exposure and altitude Sud 100 – 120 m above sea level
Material of fermentation tanks Stainless Steel ANSI 316
Temperature of fermentation 14 – 16 °C for 25/30 days
Bottling Beginning of February
Alcohol 13,5% vol
Acidity 6.2 g/l
Dry extract 23/140 g/l
Resistance to ageing 5 years
Serving temperature and modality Uncork bottle at the time of use at a temperature of 10° C to 12° C.
Food matching Full-bodied cheese and dry pastry.
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