The Cellar

The cellar sits on a green hill, or rather, on a “knoll” that stands guard over the vineyards below. This large, must-scented space is the kingdom of Filippo Conti, a longtime trusted enologist and skilled wine cellar manager.
The cellar is spread over three floors: on the ground floor there are stainless steel tanks – 9 tanks with a capacity of 10 hectoliters and another 8 with a capacity of 50 hectoliters.
This is where Groppolo, Serasuolo, Rupestro, Argille Rosse and Argille Grigie wines are aged for several months.
At a depth of 14 meters, there is the barrique cellar where the wine sits in wood, in small 225-liter French oak barrels, to achieve the right flavor balance.
Finally, on the second floor, at the level of the steel tank top, there is the tasting room, with a large table for tasting white, red and passito wines. From there, you can access a stunning terrace that leads to the historic farmhouse shrouded in century-old wisteria, where it all began.

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